Hello! This is my very first post to this brand new blog of mine! I would like to welcome you here, and hopefully what I write may be of interest to you or amuse you…probably more of the latter…

By way of introduction, I am a fibrous person with vices of texture & paper, photography, printing/matting, yarn & knitting, beads & silver for jewelry making…in fact anything that has a texture to it. I get very engrossed in the elements of my passions. I once took a weaving course at a local university, because after exploring an incredible yarn shop with all KINDS of textures and colors, I found myself longing to somehow be able to USE these elements. The weaving professor coined me as a “fibrous person”…something no one had told me before…After pondering this for awhile, I realized that was the truest statement I had ever heard! At least now I knew what I was…a person obsessed with TEXTURE!!

Even my photography plays into this categorization…{“I print, therefore I photograph”}…and is the reason why I can perform “paper experiments”, pitting one brand of paper against another, varying surface textures (see?! again the texture!!) and finishes…Hours pass me by rather quickly these days, engrossed in these experiments. Many a paper box has been used up in the name of science!…as well as whatever was in my wallet….

I should also forewarn you that I am a life path #6 in the numerology world, the nurturer, aka control freak, so some of these fibrous obsessions are due in part to genetic disposition!! (Haha) Knowing that the #6 gives me license to act the way I act….I am basking in my control over all these texture passions of mine in my own little world!

In any event…WELCOME! You have been forewarned! Enter at your own risk!!