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Out of nowhere, which is probably where most of my blogs will likely originate, I would like to share a photo of “graffiti” on a building in the old part of Salvador, Brazil, known as Pelourinho. My family and I had the opportunity to tour this part of Brazil in February 2011, as part of my daughter’s and son-in-law’s honeymoon…which became a “family honeymoon”…long story…I digress…

In MY estimation I would consider this organic ART! It spews such ENERGY! The colors are so BRIGHT and VIBRANT! Look at the components! The whole piece is so FASCINATING!! (…thus the reason for the photo…) “Onassis 2004” sign over the door…? The illustration attached to a wooden board in the window is the likeness of the girl portrayed in paint. She almost hovers there on the face of the building!! (LOVE her outfit!) Unsure whether this is a vacant storefront; many buildings look abandoned, but I am sure people do live in the majority of them. This is true all across Brazil, where you can have a structure in such total disrepair that you can look right through it, with pieces of it crumbling, and then next door is a perfectly fine occupied structure. Quite the poverty and disparity in Brazil.

Pelourinho is what the old historic part of Salvador is called, on a peninsula in Bahia, northeastern Brazil. When slavery was prevalent in Brazil in the early 1800s, Pelourinho was the location where incoming African slaves were auctioned off. After slavery was outlawed in 1835, this became the center for nightlife and where musicians and artists practiced their craft. In the 1990s renovation of this part of the city, long in disrepair, was begun, and it has grown into quite the tourist attraction and the cultural center of Salvador with galleries, cafés, restaurants, music, its colonial architecture, and unending supply of quaint, interesting shops! It is also now a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site!


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