A few months ago there suddenly appeared on my back porch two little creatures, whom I immediately fell head-over-heels in love with!! THESE two heart melters!! (I must admit…I am quite smitten…) Strictly a dog lover for forever, these two have softened me a little, to the point where I actually got in my car, drove to the store to purchase the best kitten food I could find, and now put this food out for them! Yes, as you can imagine, I DID get more than I bargained for. It was like a calling card for any and every cat in the vicinity! One such cat, totally black, visits often with sometimes the little calico kitten, tagging along. Could be the father of one or both of these two cuties.

The calico kitten is my favorite of the two (ssh!), yet unnamed, which seems rude. The other kitten I have knighted “Bandit”. (hmm…wonder where THAT came from…) My calico is very apprehensive; have only managed to get in a semi-poke so far. Bandit, though, has even allowed me to stroke his back…as he watches me…filling the food bowl…

I am hoping that as the weather warms, if they continue to return, they will begin to trust me more and more and perhaps allow me a photo shoot of them out there on the porch. For now I have a rather hastily taken photo of them, which I have used as my header for both Society6 and etsy.

I am content to wait.