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Looking for an iPhone/iPod camera app to do just about everything? Maybe not everything, but Camera+ may be the one to purchase first! You will find it in the app store here at the great price of only $1.99! You can take photos using this app and can also edit your existing iPhone/iPod photos in it to create amazing images!

Since discovering this app a couple of weeks ago, I purchased it from iTunes, based on the great reviews users gave it. Without exploring the app in depth, I was able to take my 4th generation iPod photo into it and transform it into this in a matter of only a couple of minutes!! Tons of features in this app, so I am quite excited about my purchase!

Where I began, a Hipstamatic photo taken with my iPod…

…which I was happy with…this night photo of my stray kitten under artificial outdoor lighting. I then took the image to the Camera+ app, to explore what else I could maybe do with the photo. [Hipstamatic, by the way, is also an app available in iTunes.]

Soooooo much more to learn and experiment with!

Happy photo play, iPhoneographers/iPodographers!!

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First of all, a bit about the wide-angle/macro, 2-in-1 camera phone lens kit, which is from the online store, Photojojo. Only the macro lens has a magnet imbedded within the lens; the wide-angle portion does not. Therefore the wide-angle lens alone cannot be attached to the iPod/iPhone, unless glue/double-sided sticker is used. Also those narrower rings that came with my lens kit are not for use with this particular wide-angle/macro lens kit from Photojojo. Perhaps this bag of rings is what comes standard with the combination lens kit, which includes the fisheye, telephoto, and wide-angle/macro lenses.

Pertaining to the sets of photos below:  the first image of each duo was taken with the combo wide-angle/macro lenses attached to my iPod; the second image was taken without lenses, just strictly the unadulterated iPod camera alone.

Additional findings:

1. It was difficult to get a good, clear photo using the combo of wide-angle with macro. 2. We knew that the macro alone would yield curvature at the top and bottom of the photo, but could not ascertain the degree of curvature, if any, the wide-angle lens added to the image. 3. The iPod/iPhone camera yielded negligible curvature.

Conclusion:  the wide-angle lens did indeed get more content into the photo.

{Material photographed was from the pages of the March 2012 issue of Elle Decor magazine. Only brightness was adjusted by equal amounts on the with and without photo duos; absolutely no other adjustments were made to the photos.}

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An iPod Hipstamatic photo before…

…then after, using a combo of Pro HDR, Dynamic Light, and Snapseed…

The third photo (taken at night under artificial light) made use of the Hipstamatic Roboto Glitter lens, Float film, and the Dreampop flash. Yes, VIRTUAL FLASH! Last photo adjusted in the other apps mentioned above.

All apps available in the iTunes App Store.

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Additional photos using only the macro lens from the Photojojo wide-angle/macro camera phone lens kit. Remember, these are photos taken with an iPod…

All photos taken with my 4th generation iPod, using the macro lens only, part of the wide-angle/macro camera phone lens kit from Photojojo.

All beads are from the online Etsy shop, Arte Bella Surplus.

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“Since all of this equipment is so tiny, I would expect quite a bit of curvature in the photos.” That is what I wrote in the blog previous to this, “The equipment”, and indeed that is evident in the first photos I had taken of the magazine text with the macro lens attached!

Take a look at the post “iPhone macro lens” again. Notice how the (blurry) lines of text are straight across the photo. Now look at the lines of text WITH the macro lens attached. They DO take a bit of a curve!! Probably this would not be as obvious in a photo of something NON-textual.

At least we were expecting this to happen…

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As promised here are photos of what is included in the Photojojo wide-angle/macro 2-in-1 camera phone lens kit. Simple instructions are on the reverse of the cardboard inside the kit.

The circular metal rings have a very strong adhesive on the backs, which enables you to attach the ring securely onto your iPhone/iPod over the camera portal. The larger diameter lens is the wide-angle lens; the other is the macro lens. They have threads and come screwed into one another, but I have not explored whether the wide-angle lens can be used alone without the macro. It may be why there is a set of narrower rings? Further research needed there. A lens cover that fits the wide-angle lens’ diameter and a round very strong magnetic disk on a cord protect the lenses, when not in use. This disk may also be used to protect the camera portal, over the ring, when not photographing.

Because this lens kit was so inexpensive, I am not particularly worried about the caliber of photographic quality these lenses can produce on an iPod, especially since I realize that the iPod’s camera lens starts off with a handicap against the mightly camera of the latest iPhone!! Even professional photographers are appreciating the quality of impromptu on-the-go photos they can take. You will be able to discern the iPod issue with the next two photos below.

The camera lens cannot lie perfectly parallel to the plane of the camera lens on the iPod. Unsure of the photography terminology…will there be aberrations caused by this lens angle? Since all of this equipment is so tiny, I would expect quite a bit of curvature in the photos. That will be another aspect to explore in a later post, along with the extent of how wide of an image the wide-angle lens will capture.

Many questions posed here, but hopefully over the weekend I will have the time to experiment more and dispel many of my concerns. All in all I give Photojojo a lot of credit for being so technologically creative to meet the needs of us iPhoneographers/iPodographers out there! Kudos!!

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I received my order from Photojojo yesterday and couldn’t wait to open the package and use the macro lens! I admit I was hesitant to click the “submit” order button, because one comment I remember reading about this lens was that it was not worth the money. I was wondering if this “macro” lens were just another gimmick, so I decided just to order the macro lens and not the whole lens set it comes in, along with fisheye and telephoto lenses.

Look at these results!!!!!!!

These photos were taken using my 4th generation iPod under incandescent lighting. Took these images to Photoshop to equally brighten them both, but did not sharpen them or add additional contrast. This is just with the brightness adjusted.

This photo was taken with my iPod about one inch away from a magazine page. No macro lens attached yet.

That one is WITH the macro lens attached. I did not even move my hand, while I snapped on the macro lens. Remember, the only adjustment I made to BOTH of these photos was to adjust the brightness, nothing else, and the brightness was adjusted the same amount on both photos.

WOW! I’m a believer!!!!!!!!!! I have so many more photos to take of the “equipment” and the results, which I will post tomorrow!

[There IS an issue, attaching this lens to an iPod as opposed to an iPhone, which I will also address tomorrow.]

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These Hipstamatic photos were taken using a new Shibuya HipstaPak, which I purchased yesterday. [Yes, it’s begun…No turning back now.] This pak comes with a Roboto Glitter lens, Float film, and the flash was off. A Berry Pop flash comes in the pak. All images were directly loaded from my iPod, and no post editing was applied.

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