I received my order from Photojojo yesterday and couldn’t wait to open the package and use the macro lens! I admit I was hesitant to click the “submit” order button, because one comment I remember reading about this lens was that it was not worth the money. I was wondering if this “macro” lens were just another gimmick, so I decided just to order the macro lens and not the whole lens set it comes in, along with fisheye and telephoto lenses.

Look at these results!!!!!!!

These photos were taken using my 4th generation iPod under incandescent lighting. Took these images to Photoshop to equally brighten them both, but did not sharpen them or add additional contrast. This is just with the brightness adjusted.

This photo was taken with my iPod about one inch away from a magazine page. No macro lens attached yet.

That one is WITH the macro lens attached. I did not even move my hand, while I snapped on the macro lens. Remember, the only adjustment I made to BOTH of these photos was to adjust the brightness, nothing else, and the brightness was adjusted the same amount on both photos.

WOW! I’m a believer!!!!!!!!!! I have so many more photos to take of the “equipment” and the results, which I will post tomorrow!

[There IS an issue, attaching this lens to an iPod as opposed to an iPhone, which I will also address tomorrow.]