As promised here are photos of what is included in the Photojojo wide-angle/macro 2-in-1 camera phone lens kit. Simple instructions are on the reverse of the cardboard inside the kit.

The circular metal rings have a very strong adhesive on the backs, which enables you to attach the ring securely onto your iPhone/iPod over the camera portal. The larger diameter lens is the wide-angle lens; the other is the macro lens. They have threads and come screwed into one another, but I have not explored whether the wide-angle lens can be used alone without the macro. It may be why there is a set of narrower rings? Further research needed there. A lens cover that fits the wide-angle lens’ diameter and a round very strong magnetic disk on a cord protect the lenses, when not in use. This disk may also be used to protect the camera portal, over the ring, when not photographing.

Because this lens kit was so inexpensive, I am not particularly worried about the caliber of photographic quality these lenses can produce on an iPod, especially since I realize that the iPod’s camera lens starts off with a handicap against the mightly camera of the latest iPhone!! Even professional photographers are appreciating the quality of impromptu on-the-go photos they can take. You will be able to discern the iPod issue with the next two photos below.

The camera lens cannot lie perfectly parallel to the plane of the camera lens on the iPod. Unsure of the photography terminology…will there be aberrations caused by this lens angle? Since all of this equipment is so tiny, I would expect quite a bit of curvature in the photos. That will be another aspect to explore in a later post, along with the extent of how wide of an image the wide-angle lens will capture.

Many questions posed here, but hopefully over the weekend I will have the time to experiment more and dispel many of my concerns. All in all I give Photojojo a lot of credit for being so technologically creative to meet the needs of us iPhoneographers/iPodographers out there! Kudos!!