First of all, a bit about the wide-angle/macro, 2-in-1 camera phone lens kit, which is from the online store, Photojojo. Only the macro lens has a magnet imbedded within the lens; the wide-angle portion does not. Therefore the wide-angle lens alone cannot be attached to the iPod/iPhone, unless glue/double-sided sticker is used. Also those narrower rings that came with my lens kit are not for use with this particular wide-angle/macro lens kit from Photojojo. Perhaps this bag of rings is what comes standard with the combination lens kit, which includes the fisheye, telephoto, and wide-angle/macro lenses.

Pertaining to the sets of photos below:  the first image of each duo was taken with the combo wide-angle/macro lenses attached to my iPod; the second image was taken without lenses, just strictly the unadulterated iPod camera alone.

Additional findings:

1. It was difficult to get a good, clear photo using the combo of wide-angle with macro. 2. We knew that the macro alone would yield curvature at the top and bottom of the photo, but could not ascertain the degree of curvature, if any, the wide-angle lens added to the image. 3. The iPod/iPhone camera yielded negligible curvature.

Conclusion:  the wide-angle lens did indeed get more content into the photo.

{Material photographed was from the pages of the March 2012 issue of Elle Decor magazine. Only brightness was adjusted by equal amounts on the with and without photo duos; absolutely no other adjustments were made to the photos.}