Looking for an iPhone/iPod camera app to do just about everything? Maybe not everything, but Camera+ may be the one to purchase first! You will find it in the app store here at the great price of only $1.99! You can take photos using this app and can also edit your existing iPhone/iPod photos in it to create amazing images!

Since discovering this app a couple of weeks ago, I purchased it from iTunes, based on the great reviews users gave it. Without exploring the app in depth, I was able to take my 4th generation iPod photo into it and transform it into this in a matter of only a couple of minutes!! Tons of features in this app, so I am quite excited about my purchase!

Where I began, a Hipstamatic photo taken with my iPod…

…which I was happy with…this night photo of my stray kitten under artificial outdoor lighting. I then took the image to the Camera+ app, to explore what else I could maybe do with the photo. [Hipstamatic, by the way, is also an app available in iTunes.]

Soooooo much more to learn and experiment with!

Happy photo play, iPhoneographers/iPodographers!!