This photo was taken today, out on our deck at the beginning of a thunderstorm that was brewing in late afternoon. Yes, it is March, but we are having summer temperatures right now.

Remember the stray kitten I was hoping would continue to return? Well she is much larger now! She is the one looking at me in the photo! Her brother, I am assuming because they are inseparable, is behind her in the photo. Thinking the black one is the father of both. The other two…who knows! Now we are feeding all FIVE of these cats on a daily basis!

I have heard cats are not supposed to be given milk, but I have been giving them Wegman’s organic fat free milk, and they go for the milk FIRST before any food! If the milk were upsetting their stomachs, would they know the difference??

Took this photo with my 4th generation iPod. Edited it in Snapseed and then in Camera+, where I framed it in a vintage frame and added a caption to mark the occasion.

The iPodography continues!

: )