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I had a lot of fun with this image, which came together fairly quickly. The photo has four texture layers to give it that unusual light quality. Love the beautiful colors in this, the hits of light on the brick building, and I especially love the sky!!

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Here is one I did just for the fun of it.

First of all, I have named one of the stray kittens, already almost a full-size cat, “Bandit”. You will agree it is a perfect name for him, when you see him further down in this post.

I began with a photo of a pieris japonica and privet (the white-flowered shrub) in the garden.

Added texture layers. Later I used  filter > lighting effect in photoshop to highlight the center.

Edited the photo of Bandit and put him on a new layer of the pieris photo in photoshop.

I then decided to desaturate the image a bit for a more subtle, vintage feel. The final version was edited on my 4th generation iPod, using an iPhone camera software, where I vignetted the image even more.

LOVE the subtle glint in Bandit’s eye. Just enough of him shows, like he is hiding in the garden…which is exactly what he was doing. [Be sure you click on the image to enlarge it.]

I absolutely ADORE this image of Bandit in the garden!! He would be proud of me…if only he knew…

: )

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I have been trying to use texture layers recently, as I digitally edit some of my photos. My previous work has totally been no frills, but I am understanding how some viewers may see a pristine shot more as a snapshot, something they could create themselves. My mission is to edit some of my images into more complex and visually interesting ones…something to study past the first few seconds of gazing upon them.

The following is one example. I could have just edited the original and been done with it, but I wanted to see what it might become. The image on the left is after texturing; image on the right is the original.

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