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Here is one I did just for the fun of it.

First of all, I have named one of the stray kittens, already almost a full-size cat, “Bandit”. You will agree it is a perfect name for him, when you see him further down in this post.

I began with a photo of a pieris japonica and privet (the white-flowered shrub) in the garden.

Added texture layers. Later I used  filter > lighting effect in photoshop to highlight the center.

Edited the photo of Bandit and put him on a new layer of the pieris photo in photoshop.

I then decided to desaturate the image a bit for a more subtle, vintage feel. The final version was edited on my 4th generation iPod, using an iPhone camera software, where I vignetted the image even more.

LOVE the subtle glint in Bandit’s eye. Just enough of him shows, like he is hiding in the garden…which is exactly what he was doing. [Be sure you click on the image to enlarge it.]

I absolutely ADORE this image of Bandit in the garden!! He would be proud of me…if only he knew…

: )

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This photo was taken today, out on our deck at the beginning of a thunderstorm that was brewing in late afternoon. Yes, it is March, but we are having summer temperatures right now.

Remember the stray kitten I was hoping would continue to return? Well she is much larger now! She is the one looking at me in the photo! Her brother, I am assuming because they are inseparable, is behind her in the photo. Thinking the black one is the father of both. The other two…who knows! Now we are feeding all FIVE of these cats on a daily basis!

I have heard cats are not supposed to be given milk, but I have been giving them Wegman’s organic fat free milk, and they go for the milk FIRST before any food! If the milk were upsetting their stomachs, would they know the difference??

Took this photo with my 4th generation iPod. Edited it in Snapseed and then in Camera+, where I framed it in a vintage frame and added a caption to mark the occasion.

The iPodography continues!

: )

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Upper Falls, from what locals call the High Bridge in Letchworth State Park, located in western NY. The 136-year old viaduct, spanning the Genesee River gorge within the confines of the park, will be demolished in the near future; a newer, shorter, modern structure will be erected by the railroad in a different location. The Norfolk Southern Railroad owns this bridge and has asked Letchworth State Park, if they would want to take charge and maintain the structure, since it is such a dominant park icon. Park officials said no. I realize the enormity of the task, but. So sad to destroy yet another historical landmark, reminding us of an illustrious past.

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A few months ago there suddenly appeared on my back porch two little creatures, whom I immediately fell head-over-heels in love with!! THESE two heart melters!! (I must admit…I am quite smitten…) Strictly a dog lover for forever, these two have softened me a little, to the point where I actually got in my car, drove to the store to purchase the best kitten food I could find, and now put this food out for them! Yes, as you can imagine, I DID get more than I bargained for. It was like a calling card for any and every cat in the vicinity! One such cat, totally black, visits often with sometimes the little calico kitten, tagging along. Could be the father of one or both of these two cuties.

The calico kitten is my favorite of the two (ssh!), yet unnamed, which seems rude. The other kitten I have knighted “Bandit”. (hmm…wonder where THAT came from…) My calico is very apprehensive; have only managed to get in a semi-poke so far. Bandit, though, has even allowed me to stroke his back…as he watches me…filling the food bowl…

I am hoping that as the weather warms, if they continue to return, they will begin to trust me more and more and perhaps allow me a photo shoot of them out there on the porch. For now I have a rather hastily taken photo of them, which I have used as my header for both Society6 and etsy.

I am content to wait.

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