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Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.41.50 PM

Summer is such an amazing season of different varieties of flowers that gush into bloom during those sunny, hot months. Interspersed with rainy days, it becomes a JUNGLE out there in the garden! Coneflowers have always been a favorite of mine, and I am just discovering that there are many varieties of echinacea to bring excitement to the garden and food for the butterflies and birds. This is a macro photo I took in our garden one afternoon. I was very pleased with it, but wanted to add just that little bit more of interest to it. To make it more timeless and more appealing as an art piece.

I happened to catch a little chickadee at our bird feeder and was surprisingly in the perfect spot for the shot! Does not happen to me often…being in the right spot at the right time, but this day I was! I thought that the chickadee shot along with this coneflower shot might create a summer memory. I love watching the birds in our gardens. The bright goldfinches flitting all around so quickly with their little calls to each other. The huge bluejays, who seem to rule the aviary out there. And recently the cardinal family that has nested in our paperbark maple tree at the corner of our deck, which on a summer’s evening provides so much entertainment as they fly from tree to tree, communicating with one another. My little cavapoo pup, Izzi, and I really enjoy them a lot. The cicadas seem to be providing the main musical theme, with the cardinals adding the different “instrument” popping in and out.

Soooo…the above photo turned into the image that follows…

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.42.26 PMVery light, moody, misty, with the hint of the bird feeder by the lace-curtained window. I went searching online for just the right quote for what I wanted to communicate. Then searching through the fonts for something classic and flowing, and Cezanne seemed to be the best one. A little more texture, and voila!!

Here it is, ‘life is a song’. I hope you like it!! : )


midsummer dream {e.b.b.

A photo of beautiful foxgloves in our gardens. I really like how the flowers cascade down the stalk and decided I would like to add some text on top of the photo that mimicked that same effect. This Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote seemed totally appropriate with a wonderful life-lesson message. The text was warped/skewed in Photoshop, which was a bit of a feat, since I know that Illustrator would have been the software to use. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the ins and outs of Illustrator! And of course texture layers were added! Hope you like it!

[Image is copyright protected and not to be duplicated unless by written contract with inourgardentoo.]

Summer magic — lightning bugs and daisies

A photo from my garden…which did not look like this at the time. The lightning bugs were, amazingly, added to a lighter exposed photo of this section of the garden. Many different layers of textures were also added, and center fill lighting provided that moonlit glow to the daisies. I often stay outside in the gardens past dusk, and this is exactly how I want to remember this magical time between day and night.

tryst {v.2

A photo of a stunning tree peony flower (in my garden, lucky me) that I shot about a week ago. It was absolutely gorgeous as is, but I had the need to explore additional possibilities. Created a collage, using a postcard, and further edited to be very hazy and desaturated.

Hope you like it!!

As with anything we are novices at, repeated practice hopefully improves our procedures to craft whatever it is we are working on at the time. Sort of a vague statement, but at the beginning I was totally intimidated by texture layers. I have grown more and more at ease with them, having sat in front of my monitor hours on end, astonished that over two hours has already gone by in one sitting. I had received a health bulletin in the mail, reiterating the importance of exercise for a healthier old age. Somehow I will work out my time. For now I am having WAY too much fun, sitting there, basking in my computer’s glow, imagining what may be. The master of creation.

This photo was taken in my living room, with the sun streaming through lace curtains at the window. The flowers in the glass vase are my own from the garden…beautiful, pink roses and lusciously fragrant peonies. No ordinary peony either; this plant was purchased at a local garden nursery, specializing in quite the assortment of rare and unusual species of plants. In fact my hangout during the warm months, when I scour the nurseries for that new, unusual specimen I will adopt and take home to place in my garden…and of course photograph.

The color photo of this still life was very pretty, but as I have realized, when some people look at photographs and exclaim they could have taken that photo themselves, adding texture to your photos will not only elevate them to “art”, but also make them even more special to you. They become the product of your hands, as you imbue them with a beauty they would never have possessed, had it not been for you. (Let’s not get TOO carried away here…) It is much like the painter, who takes up his brush and paints and creates something from nothing. In this case, however, you are given a head start in that the Lord created it and you are just enhancing it. As I added layer upon layer of texture, a deeper image evolved, and with each layer’s addition, I became more and more amazed at the power of texture. For instance, the bottom of the vase took on a whole new appearance, almost ghost-like and ethereal.

So here I present to you “fragrance {no.4”, which yes, does have predecessors, but this version is the dearest one of all.

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Here is one I did just for the fun of it.

First of all, I have named one of the stray kittens, already almost a full-size cat, “Bandit”. You will agree it is a perfect name for him, when you see him further down in this post.

I began with a photo of a pieris japonica and privet (the white-flowered shrub) in the garden.

Added texture layers. Later I used  filter > lighting effect in photoshop to highlight the center.

Edited the photo of Bandit and put him on a new layer of the pieris photo in photoshop.

I then decided to desaturate the image a bit for a more subtle, vintage feel. The final version was edited on my 4th generation iPod, using an iPhone camera software, where I vignetted the image even more.

LOVE the subtle glint in Bandit’s eye. Just enough of him shows, like he is hiding in the garden…which is exactly what he was doing. [Be sure you click on the image to enlarge it.]

I absolutely ADORE this image of Bandit in the garden!! He would be proud of me…if only he knew…

: )

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